Professor - Dept. of Psychology                            National University

Founded in 1971, National University is the second-largest, private, non-profit institution of higher learning in California. National University is dedicated to making lifelong learning opportunities accessible, challenging, and relevant to a diverse student population. National provides more master's degrees in education to minority students than any other college or university in the nation, as well as more master's degrees in all disciplines combined to California's Hispanics and African Americans. The University's administrative and academic headquarters are located in La Jolla, California.

Past President                                              Division 32 - American Psychology Association

Division 32 of the American Psychology Assocation Humanistic Psychology recognizes the full richness of the human experience. Its foundations include philosophical humanism, existentialism, and phenomenology. The Division seeks to contribute to psychotherapy, education, theory/philosophy, research, organization, management, social responsibility, and change. The Humanistic Psychologist is the Division journal, published three times per year. Currently Maureen serves as chair of the fellows committee.

Director                                              International Futures Forum - U.S.

The International Futures Forum exists to develop the capacity to sustain human aspiration, realised through wise action, in a complex and challenging world. It was established in early 2001 to explore how to take more effective action in the face of the complex looming issues that threaten our future.

IFF works in areas where there are no easy answers, where existing models fail to make sense of our confusing reality, where we are in over our heads, where we face an unacknowledged "conceptual emergency". IFF has developed a body of theory, practice and wide experience in taking on seemingly intractable challenges and developing the capacities in individuals, teams, organizations and communities to flourish in today’s powerful times.

President Emerita                           Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center

Saybrook Graduate School and Research Center serves the world through the application of wisdom and life affirming values of the Saybrook community, which are its students, faculty, administration and alumni. The Saybrook Community also serves by developing and applying knowledge that frees and transforms the human spirit, and develops leaders, who work for the creation of a just, compassionate, meaning-rich and sustainable future.

Member                                                Global Business Network

Based in the San Francisco Bay Area, Global Business Network was founded in 1987 as a unique learning community based on ruthless curiosity, collaboration, and powerful new tools for thinking about and shaping the future. GBN's network spans the globe, blending strategic thinkers from leading companies in established and emerging industries; visionaries from the sciences, arts, business, and academia; and a community of practice engaged in innovating and transferring tools for scenario thinking and strategic action. For over sixteen years GBN has convened this network, both electronically and in-person, to explore emerging issues and ideas and their implications for business and society.

Past President                                 Association for Humanistic Psychology

The Association for Humanistic Psychology nurtures people's ability to use their conscious minds, to choose, to grow, to actively create their lives and their world. It is an international non-profit association of people committed to exploring and furthering the evolution of the human spirit. The association was formed in 1962 by Abraham Maslow, Carl Rogers, Charlotte Buhler, Rollo May, Virginia Satir and other founders of the personal growth movement, to foster the ability of each person to find and express their maximum potential as human beings. This emphasis on consciousness, human dignity, and the capacity to direct our own destinies has come to be known as Humanistic Psychology . Read Maureen's Overview of Humanistic Psychology on the AHP Website.

Fellow                                               World Academy of Art and Science

The World Academy is a non-official network of approximately 500 individual Fellows from diverse cultures, nationalities, and intellectual disciplines, chosen for eminence in art, the natural and social sciences, and the humanities. Its activities focus on the social consequences and policy implications of knowledge, and the challenges confronting people in a rapidly changing global civilization. It has in several instances chosen to concentrate on cutting edge issues--such as biotechnology and genetic resources--well ahead of general public recognition of their importance.

In 2005 the Genral Assembly of WAAS convened in Zagreb, Croatia. On November 17, 2005 Dr. O'Hara presented on the topic Knowledge and Uncertainty.


Distinguished Clinical Member                                               CAMFT

CAMFT the California Association of Marriage and Family Therapists is an independent, state professional organization. Its activities revolve around two interrelated themes: the advancement of marriage and family therapy as an art, a science and a mental health profession and the advancement of the common business interests of its members.